Information Services

Information Services

Data Exchange (Systems Integration)

Automated data transmissions significantly reduce errors and non-value-added time spent time manually typing information. SBS offers three different methods of data communication:

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange bi-directional communication using ANSI ASC X12 EDI standard transaction types such as 850 (Purchase Order), 856 (Advance Ship Notice), 315 (Ocean Status Details), and 214 (Transportation Carrier Shipment Message.)

XML: Extensible Markup Language has replaced many EDI transactions by offering bi-directional communication without the need for Value Added Network services. Like EDI, these too have standard messaging formats.

Flat-Files: While not as robust as EDI or XML solutions, flat file communication can reduce time spent needlessly retyping information. Flat-file communication does not have any standard types of transfer.

Online Tools

Client Document Manager: Store files to share with co-workers and SBS staff. Click here for more details.

Shipment Tracking: Shipment details (to the SKU level), configure automatic notifications, create reports, and view scanned shipment documents. Click here for more details.