Glossary of Terms: F

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Free Alongside Ship (FAS)

A term of sale stating the seller quotes a price for the goods that includes charges for delivery of the goods alongside a vessel at the port. The seller handles the cost of unloading and warfare; loading, ocean transportation, and insurance costs are left to the buyer. This trade term is also called free alongside vessel.

Free Carrier (FCA)

A term of sale that designates that the seller is responsible for the cost of loading goods at the named shipping point. It may be used for multimode transport, container stations, and any mode of transport, including air. The seller is responsible for loading goods into the means of transportation; the buyer is responsible for all other expenses. If a port of exportation is named, the costs of transporting the goods to named port are included in the price.

Free On Board (FOB)

This term of sale means the seller's quote covers all costs up to and including delivery of goods aboard vessel.