Company Info

In 1994, SBS was founded to provide our customers with specialized domestic airfreight and surface transportation services. By providing time sensitive production line logistic services we grew a niche base of customers with our focus primarily on manufacturing companies. As our customers developed a more global reach through the 90’s the natural progression for Superior was to go international. With growing customer demand for additional time sensitive and high service level transportation services reaching across our borders, we made the strategic decision to expand our transportation services to include international import air freight, ocean transportation and US Customs services. In 1997, we formed Superior Brokerage Services Inc. to allow us to integrate a seamless supply chain from and to any location in the world.

The next natural progression was to complete the supply chain by adding warehousing and local cartage services to handle our customers growing Asia import storage and delivery needs. In 2001, we formed SBS Transportation Inc and S3PL Warehousing and Distribution Inc. to fill this niche. SBS Transportation and S3PL are asset-based trucking and warehousing companies offering local container cartage, airfreight pickup and delivery, warehouse storage, pick and pack, assembly support and QC services. We have since expanded the services to include 48 state interstate trucking, truck brokerage services, flatbed and specialized transportation services.

Our focus has stayed on developing a completely integrated supply chain service for our customers, sticking to our core competency of transportation Customs and logistics solutions. This allowed us to offer a combination of global logistics with the local flavor of good old fashioned customer service.

Today our employee base is over 100 strong, and we boast both an unprecedented customer and employee retention rate. This allows us to provide a high level of experience in every aspect of international and domestic transportation and US Customs services.